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River Valley Colonials fife and drum corp

Based in the Midwest regions of Southern Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, The River Valley Colonials (RVC) was established in 1990 by four fifers and one snare drummer. Their goal was to expand their repertoire of 18th century military music and drill associated with the Continental Army of the American Revolution during the time period of 1775-1783.

Uniformed as the 4th Massachussetts Regiment of the Continental Line, RVC strives to provide an educational and enjoyable experience for audiences and reenactors alike. It is our hope, that through our dedication and research, we are able to preserve our history through accurate portrayals and performances of what life would have been like for 18th century soldiers and military musicians.

Unlike many other fife and drum corps, RVC fields a fully armed infantry and an authentic military camp.

RVC participates in approximately 8-12 performances and military encampments throughout the Midwest during a season. The River Valley Colonials have had the distinct privelege of participating at the following events:
– Lewis & Clark Rendevouz – St. Charles MO
– Greenfield Village – Dearborn MI
– Fort Niagara – Youngstown NY
– The Company of Fifers and Drummers – Ivoryton CT
– Feast of the Hunter’s Moon – West LaFayette IN
– Battle Road – Lexington / Concord MA
– National Fife and Drum Muster – Fort Ticonderoga, Ticonderoga NY
– The 225th Anniversary of Yorktown – Yorktown VA
– The Declaration of Independence road trip during its display at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, WI.
– Various venues with the Northwest Territory Alliance throughout the Midwest

The River Valley Colonials is a non-profit organization and funds its activities through performance fees and donations.