Meeting Agenda for Battle on Sunset Lake – 9/9/10, 5:30 to 7 at Vicksburg Community Center, 2nd floor village council meeting room

Update on acceptance by NWTA for the Battle – Brian VandePolder – 3 minutes

Update on funding application to the Michigan Humanities Council – Sue Moore – 2 minutes

Update on funding application to the Vicksburg Foundation – Sue Moore – 2 minutes

Update on scheduled presentations – Sue Moore – 3 minutes

Lions Club on Sept. 29

Middle School classes on Oct. 6, 7, or 8

High School in late September but still need to set a date

Other possibilities?

Discuss the Saturday event schedule for 6/25/16 – Stefan Sekula – 15 minutes

Historic Village Lexington to Concord re-enactment – Stefan Sekula

Parade to Taste of Vicksburg

Entertainment at the Taste of Vicksburg stage

Dinner at Methodist Church or the pavilion

Transportation questions

Sunday event schedule – Stefan 10 minutes

Committee chairs appointed to begin the planning for the event – 15 minutes

Coordinator of the Re-enactors’ logistics – Stefan

Coordinator of the Vicksburg logistics – ?

Transportation for troops and public movement – ?

Police escort for parade and stashing of weapons downtown

Firewood, water buffalo, porta-johns, roping, security,

Dinner arrangements for Saturday night – Karen Hammond

Advance Registration of the regiments – Stefan and Brian

All Scout activities – Kevin Borden

Control of public activities at Recreation Park and Historic Village

Downtown entertainment coordinator – Tanya DeLong

Publicity/marketing – Sue

Web site and Social Media coordinator – ?

Coordination with the School System – Tonya Nash

Coordination with the Historical Society – Ted Vliek

Volunteer coordinator – ?

Other committees we haven’t thought of as yet – ?


Agenda for Battle of Sunset Lake committee meeting – 11/12/15 – 6 p.m. Vicksburg Community Center, upstairs in Daniels room.

5:45 Conference call with Father, Son & Friends re: Chamber of Commerce setup downtown

Brian Pitts, Stefan, and Sue to take part

  1. Colin Bailey’s presentation on the web site development
  2. Brian VandePolder’s report on teaching Vicksburg Middle School students about the Revolutionary War
  3. Discussion on Stefan’s proposed schedule for the weekend events

    1. Transportation needs

      1. Modern vs. authentic

    2. Music arrangements with Father, Sons, & Friends and the Chamber event
    3. Boy Scout official event for the weekend
    4. Food discussion

      1. Menu – modern vs. authentic
      2. Boy Scouts assigned to get hogs donated and roasted

    5. Budget discussion

      1. Other fundraising we might need to do?

    6. Details

      1. Traffic control in both Rec Park and Historic Village
      2. Assign bleacher placement and work with school
      3. Assign ice and water jobs – Scouts buy it and sell it to re-enactors
      4. Straw acquisition
      5. Water buffalo – where do we get this capacity for cooking?
      6. Secure porta – johns through the village

    7. Marketing plans

      1. NWTA internal plans – Stefan
      2. Village external plans – Sue

        1. Make presentations to the following organizations:

          1. Sponsor a course on the Revolutionary War through WMU’s Lifelong Learning Center (OLLI) at the Vicksburg Library
          2. Work with Discover Kalamazoo to get promo materials in place
          3. Vicksburg Historical Society at its May meeting in 2016
          4. Vicksburg Historical Society plan its June program around the Battle
          5. Full page article and other stories leading up to the event in the South County News
          6. Work with Tom Haroldson for Gazette coverage and Steve Ellis for Spark story
          7. Work with TV stations for Friday

        2. How do we want to involve the DAR & SAR?
        3. What jobs do we have for the Rotary, Lions, Girl Scouts, and other groups that we want to work with?